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January 15, 2013

export GPX from "Zombies Run!"

I'm running more in the new year, again, thanks to a game-ification thing I heard about last month. The game is at zombiesrungame.com , it's for iPhones and Android, and it's a hoot so far. I'm ryancnelson on there, like most places.

You pretend you're in a post-apocolyptic world infested by zombies, and you're "Runner 5", doing missions for Able Township while getting missions over your headset, (the game tells you when the hoard is right behind you) and you collect supplies, learn clues to equip your base, earn new missions, and become less of a fatty.

I just did a long google search for "how do I export GPS data in .gpx format from the 'Zombies Run!' mobile game", and came up with not much.

I knew I'd seen it in there, but the documentation for things like that appears to be a little un-dead itself, so I thought I'd mark it down here, and do things like put in keywords "zombiesrun" "zombiesrungame" "GPX" "export" here.

While you can export runs to RunKeeper, if you sync that up, even doing that isn't very well documented or straightforward.

The trick is to go to "settings" (not profile, or stats, like you might think.)
Click your username on the far upper right of the zombielink homepage, then pick settings.
There, you'll find a page with "Your Profile", "Run Logs", and "Sharing to other networks" in the right-hand tabs.

"Run Logs" is what lets you get a good old-fashioned GPX data file out of the game, to use for uploading to whatever other fitness software you like to use.

"Sharing to other networks", is where you'd set it up to link to RunKeeper, but it seems that that's the natural enemy of "privacy settings" -- in my experience, it silently does not much unless you explicitly turn on "share everything" on your individual runs.

I guess you don't want to publicize your location to the Zombies, huh?

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