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Technically, I *am* root for the home team. Weird, huh?
(I need a new pun here, huh...)

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August 06, 2012

Install Joyent SmartDatacenter with this guy!

Quick self-promo:

I made a YouTube video, showing the install process for Joyent's SmartDatacenter. If you're a relative of mine, this is sort of the answer to the question "why are you always flying to other countries?" ... I do this.

(It usually takes more than the 45 minutes that it does here, but that's due to things beyond my control.)

I'll be speaking at a BayLISA sysadmin's meetup in a couple weeks about this, and about some of those "beyond my control" things that I run into while I'm out adventuring in the datacenters of Europe, Asia, and the Midwest.

Here's the video:

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