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Technically, I *am* root for the home team. Weird, huh?
(I need a new pun here, huh...)

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April 17, 2005

i got bacteria in my nose

So, time to update this again... sorry it's been so long, all of you who live for my blog.

Work's been crazy, but it's kind of eerie that opening day (for majors *and* minors) came and went, and we've been fine, really without emergency, and nobody really even had to say "wow, great job!", 'cause, hey, it's not a big deal anymore... we just serve the stuff up. Once upon a time, keeping the servers up on opening day was like a ride on the Titanic.

About half of the IT department is sick, too. I've had a cold/sinus/bronchitis thing going on since last weekend's trip to St. Louis for Sid and Kim's wedding... the bride was sick there, too (she rallied for the reception), but I'm pretty sure I caught this from guys in my cubicle. I'm ready for it to go away, though. Really.

Finally, I actually started this blog entry because I wanted to share my New York experience with everybody. I was riding the subway the other day, crowded car, and a "Jews for Jesus" lady got on and started preaching loudly. I watched someone with their iPod take it out of their pocket, crank up the volume, and put it back. Thinking this was a great idea, simultaneously I and someone further down the car (on the opposite side of the preacher), pulled out our iPods and put them on. We made eye-contact and grinned to each other, both of us strangers, as we settled into our headphones and, each holding an ipod up to the other, dialed the volume way, way up.

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