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Technically, I *am* root for the home team. Weird, huh?
(I need a new pun here, huh...)

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January 15, 2005

Back to the Trivial junk!

First of all, I really want to thank everyone for all of the well-wishes on my engagement and impending wedding.

I've not entered any web-log entries for over a week now, for a handful of reasons:

With that in mind, though, it occurs to me that I do have something important to update the world about, that being my health. I'm fine. Shortly before I proposed to Maggie, I'd been in the emergency room with terrible headaches, so I went through a battery of tests, all of which show I'm in very good health, brain, heart, and circulatory-system-wise. I have very high cholestrol (which I'll take Lipitor for) and a virus that was causing "Menegeal Cerebritus", who I recall was also one of the bad guys on the "Transformers" cartoons in the 80's. The headaches have mostly gone away, and I'm much better.

We have a date picked, and a place for the ceremony! It'll be on Saturday September 17th, at "Rudy's Beau Rivage" in Dobbs Ferry, NY, in Westchester County, which are the upper suburbs of NYC just north of the Bronx and Yankees Stadium.

Save the date!

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