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Technically, I *am* root for the home team. Weird, huh?
(I need a new pun here, huh...)

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January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!


Happy New Years!
I've been having monster headaches since the day after Christmas that've come and gone, but on New Year`s Eve Day, one showed up and didn't go away, so we went to the emergency room for a fun afternoon of CT scans and blood tests!

We basically went to make sure I don't have one of those things that you wish you'd not waited until the monday after the holiday to have checked... According to the doctors, there's no obvious tumors, menengitis, or evil gnomes living inside my head, so that's good...

I'm just left with the headaches, and/or a fog of painkillers, and an appointment to see a nurologist asap after the holiday.

In GOOD news, either the Iowa Hawkeyes won a thriller of a Bowl Game today, or I hallucinated a great game-winning catch as time ran out... go Hawks.

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