RyanBlog:entry:Oct 03, 2004

Technically, I *am* root for the home team. Weird, huh?
(I need a new pun here, huh...)

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October 03, 2004

Joe "Bit" Torre (NT)

I use "QuickSilver" to turbo-charge my productivity on my Macs... I rarely use the mouse anymore, and I can just hit command-space and type "PHO" to get to photoshop, or "MAGD" to bring up Maggie's entry in my address book, followed by a tab over to the "Dial with Vonage" applescript, which makes the phone ring and connect me... stuff like that. It's rad.

...that said, how simultaneously cool and nerdy is it that when I first tried to fire up BitTorrent, by typing "TORRE", it first matched on Joe Torre's email address, which is synced (via work's MS Exchange Addressbook) into mine?

I'm a big-old-namedropping geek.

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